How to split a list into n equal parts

Suppose you want to split a into sub list of approximately equal size with specify parts.

public class CollectionUtils {

public static <T> List<List<T>> split(List<T> list, int numberOfParts) {
      List<List<T>> numberOfPartss = new ArrayList<>(numberOfParts);
      int size = list.size();
      int sizePernumberOfParts = (int) Math.ceil(((double) size) / numberOfParts);
      int leftElements = size;
      int i = 0;
      while (i < size && numberOfParts != 0) {
          numberOfPartss.add(list.subList(i, i + sizePernumberOfParts));
          i = i + sizePernumberOfParts;
          leftElements = leftElements - sizePernumberOfParts;
          sizePernumberOfParts = (int) Math.ceil(((double) leftElements) / --numberOfParts);
       return numberOfPartss;

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